Setting the record straight

My Diabetes belongs to me, I do not belong to diabetes.

I am NOT “borderline” there is NO SUCH THING!

Today I have excellent control, am I a diabetic today? yup.

Yesterday I didnt have control very much, but it was managable. Was I a diabetic yesterday? yup.

Tomorrow, hasnt happend yet , but I am betting when I wake up I will still be a diabetic.

I did not ask for diabetes on my wish list.

I did not cause it to happen because I may not have eaten on a regular schedule.

I did not cause diabetes because I put on a few pounds last year, the truth is, I put on a few pounds because I am diabetic, and at the time, didnt know. I ate more carbs than usual because my body NEEDED sugar, but was unable to deliver it when and where I needed it, I had no idea why at the time. Turns out…yup I am a diabetic.
It is a fact that I was genetically hardwired for diabetes from the day I was born. It runs in the family. It was never a matter of “IF” I was going to be a diabetic… it was just a matter of "WHEN"

I am not a DR. nor have I ever claimed to be. But I have done my homework on MY diabetes and I can truthfully say that I am an expert on MY diabetes.

It is my body and I have the right to choose who, what, when, and how it is cared for. I do not need to apologise for that, and I wont.

If you are a janitor, a ditch digger, street sweeper, cleaning lady, I thank you for the services that you provide and I do not expect you to look up to me, admire me,because we are all here for a purpose, our own purpose, whatever that may be, and if it brings you joy, all the better. I do not feel I am better than you, I am just me and happy to be so.

If you are a politician, priest,movie star, land developer, Dr, police chief, I also thank you for the services you provide, and do not look down on us because you make more money than most. Do not step on others just to get ahead. There is no need for it. EVER.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience. None of us are perfect. We all make mistakes.Learn from them and move on.

Take credit where credit is due, but true accountability is the key to happiness, not money,or having the means to cover up your mess,denial, manipulation, abuse, intimidation, etc.

With accountability, comes freedom, self respect,integrity, love,beauty, expansion, creativity,kindness,abundance, and receptivity.

It is a wonderful concept. Easy to attain,doesnt cost a penny, and is always challenging, so it keeps you on your toes.

I was a diabetic when I started this blog.

I am still a diabetic. Not “borderline” there is NO SUCH THING!

I do not have a PhD. But I am without a doubt an expert on me. I have choices, and I choose to be… safe and healthy!

Very elequently said. Yes we will always be a diabetic but it’s mine. I take care of it and am no “textbook case” as my dr said years ago we all have different needs to do it. YOU GO GIRL!