Seven point six for the curious

Another month, another drop - progress made, still progress to go. I think I may have shocked my GP and my diabetic nurse. They can take a bit more shocking I think. Even with restricted exercise (the injury is still healing very slowly, no pictures folks, sorry) the diet appears to be working well. The wife has noticed I’m getting thinner and if I shift the carb to plant matter ratio over time, this seems to agree with me. This month promises to be a challenge on a number of levels.

First it’s primary gifting period (marketroid for Christmas) and in our household this has historically meant a sugar rush from Advent Sunday lasting till New Year. Secondly and just as salient is the scramble of birthdays and parties this month - when did I get to know so many people (ten) born this time of year? So, party season and no easy way of assessing foodstuffs that I haven’t prepared myself. How do other people with our condition manage at this time of year?

This brings me to the interesting dynamic diabetics have with alcohol. The perils of going low when under the influence have been noted elsewhere. As I’m currently on statins to drop triglycerides, I am allowed a glass or two of red wine, managing glucose levels is key to enjoyment. I therefore wonder what ways I can sneak things like grape juice in social settings (restaurants, bars etc.) and are there non-alcoholic drinks that won’t push glucose levels over the Star at the top of the tree?

Enquiring minds etc.

Congrats on your progress! Wonderful. Keep shocking the doctors & nurses.

Juice will send BG quite high. Juice is pure sugar. Grapes in wine form have most of their sugars eaten up, so to speak, by fermentation.

I drink club soda or mineral water when I don’t want alcohol in social settings because I don’t like diet sodas. There’s not much else non-alcoholic to drink that won’t send you high.

Kudos to you !!! Never easy but always worth it.

I navigate the holidays with some sort of plan in mind. “Going to party A and not eating x, y, and z”. But I don’t think I have ever had as many get togethers as you are facing. I wish I could give you some solid advice but it wouldn’t be based on experience with that many gatherings.

Regarding the alcohol…I will usually have a glass of wine and if I don’t want much but want it to look like I’m drinking a full glass (to fool me not others) I’ll have half wine and half diet sprite.

Thanks ladies. I’m aware that I’m navigating a tricky road this month and just need to chill about the whole deal.

Diet Sprite isn’t something I’ve tried since diagnosis so will have to give it a go.

Just have fun!

I eat something before I go parties, so not tempted to eat what I shouldn’t due to hunger. I don’t even look at the yummy desserts & steer clear of them. I feel like a super model nibbling on raw veggies & protein:)