Shake 'n' low

The lowest I have ever gone is to 35. I was about 12 (2yrs into diagnosis) and I was sitting in church with a friend. I had left my purse in the car (#1 mistake) and I had to tell her I needed to go to the car NOW. So I actually got up and walked all the way across the parking lot…I checked it and it read 35. My mom had followed us out not knowing what was going on. She was amazed I had walked myself! So I took a couple glucose tabs and she took me home to eat 1/2 a sandwich and some yogurt…soooooo
How low have you gone, and how did you deal with it? Were you able to handle it yourself, or did someone have to help you?

The lowest I’ve ever been was 34…I was prego and I was still calling patients, answering questions and all! lol it’s amazing how our body works.

yes, it definately seems that our bodies know how to react when we don’t even know what’s going on!!

20’s but wasn’t conscious, lowest i have been and still conscious was 35

29 is my lowest, but I was able to take care of it myself. Have been in the 30’s quite a few times, and again, but again, I’ve fortunately never needed help catching it. Those were mostly in my early days though, before the pump. I can’t remember the last time I have been in the 30’s. Forty-six a couple weeks ago, but that was overnight, after climbing the Great Wall of China late that afternoon! I should’ve turned down my basal overnight, but forgot to remember to.

My record low is 45. I have reached it a couple of times. I start sweating and my hands start shaking. I usually eat some fruit or drink some juice and it goes back up. I normally feel weak for the next couple of hours. I can’t imagine how I would feel in the 30’s.

my record low has been in the 20’s and I was still not totally out of it (go figure - I sure don’t know how!) God was with me on that one… and of course Jason was there to help too. Once I go low (even into the 50’s sometimes, I am iped out for a long while. I get it back up, start to freeze (from the sweating from the low & the body cooling off) and then I am ready to take a nap. It makes it hard to work sometimes…

My lowest was around 1.5 mmol. I was able to treat myself. The only time I’ve needed help was once when I was at around 2.6 mmol, while grocery shopping. A nice lady grabbed a chocolate milk off the shelf and opened it for me. Mmmmmm! Chocolate!

The lowest i been was last year . When i was at the Animal Kingdom. This was in mdis days. I was waiting for the rest of our group to get off mount everest one ride i will not go on. They keep saying one more time. But I said i need to eat like right away. As my mom and I were waiting for seats to open up at the tusker house . I was getting weaker and weaker and still no seats. Then out of no were i had a seat and a bannana from a on known hero with there family . After been i was still in 30s. But thanks! to my hero i could then test. AND FOOD WAS ON THE WAY.diabeticidol94

Lowest I’ve seen on any of my meter’s is 1.8 mmol/l about 32 I think? I was still able to treat myself, in fact I have never not been able to treat myself. I won’t go into detail about what I was doing but probably the worst time to go low! I sometimes feel low at 4mmol or 72mg/dl then other times feel fine at 3.9? Maynards sour wine gums mmmmmm!