Shame on me

I know I shouldn’t do it but I do it anyway. I’ll get something to eat, take my medicine, start eating and never finish because I start doing something else. This is a really bad habit for me because I’m distracted very easily. What ends up happening is I have a low because I’ve taken medicine for carbs that were never eaten. I’ve been thinking about waiting until after I eat to take my medicine so then I can adjust the dose to the correct number of carbs I’ve eaten.

I have to do better because lows drive me crazy. I can’t concentrate, sweat, become very exhausted afterwards and usually have a nasty headache. UGH! Man do I hate lows but sometimes my schedule is really crazy and I have a bazillion things to do and eating is in there somewhere just not at the top of the list. I’m ashamed to admit it but this is number one on my diabetes wall of shame. I’m going to do better starting now (as I continue to type with a box from KFC sitting in front of me getting cold).

Wish me luck and many blessings!


be careful! you can’t afford to get sick, you have a big weekend coming up. I hope you feel better soon

hi andrea i did’nt no the headache or the sweats were due to lows im still new to all this my ankles hurt from time to time and itch and i get short tempered now and then and i hate the hypos hope you did’nt eat the whole box of kfc