Sharing Lab Results

I just thought I would share my latest 3 lab results and you guys can give me some feed back. I know we are not doctors, but I just feel like we all help each other on here understand different things.
01/12 Results

Fasting Glucose: 155Hemoglobin A1C: 7.9%C-Peptites: 1.9%
04/12 Results

Fasting Glucose: 117Hemoglobin A1C: 8.9%C-Peptites: 1.2
06/12 Results

Fasting Glucose: 139Hemoglobin A1C: 7.8%C-Peptites: 1.9

I think that doctor's tests can be useful but that your own "science experiments" may be more useful for trying to fix things? Think "what are my numbers and how can I fix them?" if you think they need fixing.

Read Blood Sugar 101 with regard to those mm/dL above which we know complications occur. Read Richard Bernstein with regard to suggested grams of carbs to start with, and small number usage. Read how to keep your blood glucose as even as possible all around the clock, ie, eliminating those items that spike, reducing carb totals taken at a time to ensure your insulin covers well. You might want to add a CGM for awhile to get knowledge of what is happening with each food.
And good wishes as you work with these!