Sharing the Share2 app .ipa file (for dexcom G4 with share)

Dexcom doesn’t allow me to download the Share2 app as I’m outside the US. I just got hold of a dexcom G4 with share but can’t get the output on my son’s iphone and then into the cloud… Nighscout assume I use the share2 app so didn’t develop Xdrip for this route… I’m stuck! I’ve already tried to change the iphone region setting to make Itunes think I’m in the US, and downloaded iTunes choosing US as country but both didn’t work.

Is anyone in the US willing & technically capable to send me the Share2 .ipa file please?

Thank you,

Maybe there will be someone here who can send you the file, but I would think that your best bet would be the Nightscout Facebook group. Good luck!

Create a US iTunes Account and download the Share2 app.

Thanks - I tried this actually (just edited my original post to reflect this) but somehow iTunes goes from my geographical location in deciding which apps are available…

Thanks Laddie - will give it a few days here as I’ve already had two responses - but will FB Nightscout otherwise - I just wasn’t sure where to post it on there.

Problem solved! Turned out I also needed to create a new Apple ID using a (fake) US based address. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction Andrey.