Shine Me Up and I am Almost Presentable!

Last November my friend Kate (@Sweet_Kate) shared my name with one of the editors of Diabetic Living. Kate was highlighted in their magazine and on-line. I made contact with the editor at Diabetic Living later in the month and then entered into discussions with them. All through January I talked with them, initially they were going to have a page that highlighted me and they asked me for recipes (more on that later). In the end I had a very abbreviated writeup and they didn’t even list my blog, which is unfortunate. Kinda strange to highlight a blogger and not list their blog, but it is what it is.

I think this whole process was interesting, both from my perspective and to the editors of Diabetic Living. I am not sure they had run into someone like me and I probably threw them for a loop. In the end what is written is a few “shined up” things about me and it avoids the most controversial things, like my criticism of high carb diets and my story about starting insulin on my own.

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I’d say you’re pretty presentable even without shining up, Brian! :sunglasses: