Hi. I have been getting shingles twice a year for the last 8 years... The pain is very bad, Makes my bloodsugar out of control, and feeling really sick. Does anyone else get shingles this often?? After the shingles I get post herpatic neuralgia... I take Degranol (anti epileptic drug) for the severe nerve pain. I have learned to live with it, but everytime I get shingles the pain is such a shock, don't think I will ever get used to the pain...

Thank for listening.

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Hello Riana: :slight_smile:

Mercy! Poor you. I had Shingles once when I was 16 years old(BoyFriend/Parent stress) and in 2005 when my youngest Brother died. Several weeks after he died I got them, then my RA medications stopped working a month after that. I had been in remission on the RA meds. for about 5 years. What a mess. Darn Chicken Pox. The itch and pain of Shingles is awful. I don’t blame you. I don’t think anyone could get used to that ripping pain. I’m sorry that it is hitting you so often. I do hope that it stops.

Hi Terrie8. Thank you for your response. Stess plays a major factor with shingles. The more I stress the more out of control my bloodsugars get, it is 'n vicious circle…

I think I might be developing shingles. I having this strange pain and skin sensitivity and rash on the left side of my torso. I’ve also been under some stress lately. How do people usually treat this?

Hi Brian: :slight_smile:

This is the same link as above, only it is the treatment section which mentions the drug.

Please try not to scratch it. I know! I know! If you think that you have Shingles, you should get to your Dr. as soon as you can for his advise about the medications. Pain-killers and itch medication are helpful also. The blisters only attack one side of the body. I had a large patch above my right breast, down my right arm and over my right shoulder to the right side of my back. Fun trying to sleep. My Dr. said it would disappear in 5 weeks. It disappeared in exactly 5 weeks. I was surprised. I wish you a Good healing process, if you have them.