I’m in shock. I don’t think I’m ready to believe it. I’m not diabetic any more. The test results came back normal. The doc thinks it was secondary diabetes, due to the cortisone and infections I had when diagnosed.

If your doc is right, I’m very happy for you. Great news! But I’d be shocked too, if someone told me that after getting used to the fact that the D is forever.
I wish you the best,

I that is true,you have to celebrate.Thanks God,best wishes for you my dear.Today is good day,Saundra is resonding to treatment,and you had secondary diabetes.But you will stay with us,one of the best advocates & supporters.

Can’t really imagine!!! A really big gift for christmas! How did you stop the shots? Congratulations!

WOW!! That is great new Megan! Merry Christmas indeed!

Say… does this mean you’re not going to visit us anymore?

don’t leave us megan!

Congrats! That’s great news!

I am very happy for you! I hope you can still continue to help us raise diabetes awareness in South Africa. :slight_smile: