Shocking science about Cholesterol, Diabetes and Brain disorders

The below is some shocking facts from the book of Grain brain written by Dr. David Perlmutter; it is a great book indeed. I chose some paragraphs from the book; just to give you an idea about how delayed are we in knowledge and understanding about new science which I claim that such new information and facts will put all aged and old hypotheses to sleep very soon - assuming that our Drs. Have the time to invest it in reading that and seeking the latest science - not the traditional that proves failure in results especially in Diabetes, Alzheimer, brain diseases and Cholesterol issues.

Here you go:

1. What happen if you restrict the Cholesterol intake, as many of us do today? The body sends an alarm that indicates crisis (famine). Your liver senses the signal and begins to produce an enzyme called HMG-CoA reductase, which helps make up for the deficit by using Carbohydrate in the diet to produce excess supply of cholesterol. This is the same Enzyme that Statins (cholesterol lowering drugs) target.

2. Science is only recently discovering that the fat and cholesterol are severely deficient in diseased brains and that high Cholesterol levels in late lives are associated with increase longevity. The brain hold 2 percent of body’s mass but contains 25 percent of the total cholesterol, which supports the brain function and development. One-fifth of the brain by weight is cholesterol!!!

3. As you can likely predict, It is a Molotov cocktail in work here; as you eat excessive Carbohydrates while lowering your Cholesterol intake, you incite a steady and punishing overproduction of Cholesterol in the body.

4. The only way to stop this internal pathway is to consume an adequate amount of dietary Cholesterol and back way off on carbohydrate.

5. Memory dysfunction is known as a side effect of Statin (cholesterol lowering drugs). One of the main reasons Statin promote brain disorder is that they handicap the liver’s ability to make Cholesterol. Consequently, the level of LDL in the blood drops significantly. As Dr. Perlmutter says that” Cholesterol plays a vital role in the brain, enabling communications between neurons and encouraging the growth of new brain cells”.

6. Besides Statins’s direct impact on Cholesterol, they have an indirect effect on the supply of fatty acids and antioxidants. They not only reduce the amount of Cholesterol contained in LDL particles, but also diminish the actual number of LDL particles. So in addition to depleting Cholesterol, they limit stash available to the brain of both fatty acids and antioxidants, which are also carried in LDL particles. Proper brain function depends on all three of these substances (cholesterol, fatty acids and antioxidants).

7. Dr. Donald W. Miller, cardiac surgeon and Professor of surgery at the University of Washington, stated it perfectly, in his 2010 essay entitled ‘’ Health benefits of Low Carbohydrate, High Saturated fat Diet” : “ The sixty years reign of low fat, High Carbohydrate diet will end. This will happen when the health destroying effects of excess Carbohydrate in the diet become more widely recognized and the health benefits of saturated fats are better appreciated” The Lipid Hypothesis has dominated cardiovascular circles for decades despite the fact that the number of contradictory studies exceeds those that are supportive.

8. The data confirming the relationship between high Carbohydrate consumption and Diabetes is clear and profound and it is compelling to note that in 1994 when the American Diabetes Association recommended that Americans should consume 60 to 70 percent of their calories from Carbs, rates of Diabetes exploded. In fact the number of cases of Diabetes in USA actually doubled between 1997 and 2007 !!!

9. A most disturbing finding was made by Japanese researchers in 2011 when they looked at 1000 men and women over 60 and found that “people with diabetes (who do not control their numbers) were twice as likely as the other study participants to develop Alzheimer’s disease within 15 years. They were also 1.75 times more likely to develop Dementia of any kind. Now they are and other researchers are documenting how controlling blood sugar and reducing risk factors reduces dementia risk.

I will get back to you soon with some other shocking news from the book and other books


Grain Brain (The surprising truth about wheat, Carbs and Sugar - your Brain's silent killers) By Dr. David Permutter.

Ummm. Thanks for summaries, but not very new or shocking to any diabetic here at TuD trying to get control. "It's the carbs, stupid.". All diabetics need to moderate their carb intake somewhat.....

thanks for the comment but as I see all around in Diabetes communities; not too many knows that the carbs are the fattening substance to be blamed - the contrary; many diabetes fellows know that eating fat is harming and know that in order for them to reduce cholesterol they need to reduce fat intake and that is not right. the main stream was somehow is against lowering carb intake. I just wanted to share the information

That's good and well done......Don't want to shut you down! The levels of ignorance about how to live with our common scourge are disconcerting!...Be well