Shoot and run

Today was the first day I took my fast-acting insulin (Novolog) in public (well, outside of my home or office). I was at a restaurant with a coworker for lunch because our assignment for the day was far from the office. We were both starving, so we stopped at a chain restaurant. I chose off the menu my meal and knowing I had 10-15 minutes before it came to our table, I dove into the restroom and gave myself the dose I needed (I figured 6u). I ended up in the lone stall in the men's room and found myself using the baby changing table in said stall as a makeshift table to test my sugar and then prepare the pen/needle. One word describes this process: disgusting. But I really didn't feel comfortable doing it at the sink/mirror. I didn't know what else to do. It definitely wants to discourage myself from eating out at too many restaurants.

A little backstory: I've been getting used to taking the Novo. It's been about two weeks now. Before then, I was strictly on Lantus, once a day. It was working well for the past year plus until over the last several months when I started to notice my waking sugars were slowly climbing. At one point, I was waking up at 170 or 175. I talked to my endo and nurse practitioner and we slowly increased my Lantus from 10u a day to the 23u that I'm on now (over about 5 months). The Endo is convinced my honeymoon period is over. So, the office called me to check on me two weeks ago and when I told them that the 18u a day wasn't helping they brought me in and asked how comfortable I would be with adding some fast-acting. I was fine with it, although MDI was something I wasn't thrilled about. So they bumped me to the 23u Lantus and Novolog as I need it, adjusting down the Lantus depending on how much Novo I use during the day.

just take your insulin at the table
after you test at the table
no one will notice
good luck

totally agree with Shosh. test in your lap at the table and inject with the pen in your abdomen.

it might be weird doing it right there at the table at first but most times when I do it, people don't even notice.

Thank you all. It really seems counterintuitive to me to dose at the table, especially in the presence of people who don't even know I'm diabetic. I guess I'm going to have to practice doing it quickly without drawing a lot of attention to myself.

You will get used to it and it will soon feel counterintuitive to leave the table and dose. It's all part of your learning curve.

I always found that if I act like it is normal (hey, doesn't everyone do this?), then my colleagues didn't even notice.

you should never hide that you have diabetes
for your own protection & you also have a chance to educate people about what it means to have diabetes
testing injecting & pump
if we don't teach they will never understand us
that is my opinion

diabetes is not something to hyde, if someone notices it and asks you, explain, thats the best way to educate people about t1d

you got it, swisschocolate

Yeah I used to go to the bathroom, which frankly didn’t bother me, but was a pain in the butt. Then, I just did it at the table. No one can see what you’re doing if you’re sneaky about it, so I wouldn’t worry about making other people uncomfortable. Now I’m on the pump so no needles at the table, but I do take my blood sugar anywhere and everywhere I feel like. I figure most people aren’t paying enough attention to me to care or notice.

I did that once or twice, but now as everyone else says I do it at the table or wherever. I may go into the bathroom to wash my hands to test, but that is all I'm doing there in regards to diabetes because it's so germ filled there. I don't care if people see me or not, most people don't even notice anyway.

It must come with time... I don't feel comfortable enough to do it at the table live action style. Not yet anyhow . Id rather go to the bathroom. I wouldn't care about people I don't know watching. Its the people sitting right in front of me. How could they not notice and maybe wanna watch? I've been using syringes anyhow maybe if they came in cool fun colors and designs? lol

yeah, pens would make that easier. anyway, take your time, but its not strange to do it in front of people, theyre actually really dumb and dont notice it most of the time, lol ;)
good luck in that process!!