Shooting for 5.5

Blood work in the morning. Meter shows 30 day average of 110. How should I prep for this? I’ll be hungry but should I say a hail Mary?

say a couple. then go get an ice-cream.

Right after. Coffee then ice cream.

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good luck!

How about coffee ice cream? Happens to be my favorite flavor.


LOL. I’ve noticed there is now a big sign for a local restaurant up right on the edge of the parking lot of the lab where I go for my blood work. Good location with the number of people who have to take fasting blood tests every day.

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I finally put the brakes on fasting except for when they’re checking my lipids. (I’m Type 1). Came in for my blood test.

“Did you fast?”


“It might mess up your test.”

“Do you even KNOW what an A1C measures?”


I don’t usually have too much trouble fasting, and I never know what tests my endo will order, so I’ve been in the habit of going to my morning endo appointments fasting. That way, I can stop at the lab (which is close to the office) and get everything done in one trip. Works for me - and all I risk is losing out on a breakfast.

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I HATE fasting. I am fasting right NOW for a colonoscopy this morning. I’ve also been drinking the nastiest flavor of Kool-Aid EVER: Pineapple Polyethylene Glycol.

I am sorry to hear about the colonoscopy. My husband had it done twice. The “drink” is bad tasting. I hope it went well.

Drinking something nasty doesn’t bother me, it is what it does to you. It worse than taking a dozen metformin tablets.

I’m just the opposite. The digestive upset is bothersome but not awful. Gagging those chemicals down without vomiting, for me, is very very difficult.

Next time ask for osmo-prep instead of the liquid… vastly superior method

Agreed. Let’s hope that no one has to take a dozen metformin! LOL.