Shooting Techniques for Diabetic Children

I hope the title of this discussion doesn’t get me in trouble outside the D community! :slight_smile:

I ran into this video and wanted to share it with you guys, to see what you thought:

She is a doll!! What a happy-go-lucky kid! I love the way she took her shot like it was no big twink and took responsibility for the syringe. At 4, she is a trooper!

I just learned that Julia’s mom joined the site:

Loved the video. Such a cutie pie, that one is!

She is a trooper. It still amazes me how well my 3 1/2 year old has gotten used to life this way. I too tried to draw up a 3/4 unit today. It is not easy to do!

She is really cute! I’m glad this came up on the forum again!

I have the same sharps container at bought it at the local drug store. Just check around in the diabetes section.

what a great kid. my abby is six and hates them in anywhere but her arms. i am going to show this to her first thing tomorrow morning to see what she thinks. Julia, you are awesome!