Shots and the Holidays

Hey Pen Users!
I am currently on Novolog and Lantus. I have been tweaking what I do on each holiday and usually end up on the high side at the end of the day. I was wondering how everyone handles the all day eating affair and bolusing. Do you normally wait and take your fast acting insulin(for me Novolog) at the main meal and not snack? Do you go for the low carb (usually not a lot of those :slight_smile: ) snacks like veggies? How often do you wait between each bolus? Thanks for your thoughts!

Actually on thanksgiving I took my shot and had some of the snacks/appetizers and I waited about 4 hours between shots. I also had a bit of a later breakfast and lunch knowing dinner was going to be later. I try and schedule 4 hours in between meals or at least 4 hours between shots.

Thanks now I understand the square wave bolus better!!! Also I hate on the weekends when you wake up a bit later and have breakfast and then 2-3 hours later you end up meeting people for lunch and you want to wait your 4 hours…