Should I change my name to "Lucky"?

I took off my insulin pump last night, forgot to reconnect before I went to bed at midnight. Woke to use the bathroom at 5am & noticed I’m not connected to anything. I usually get out of bed and give my tube a little tug to retrieve my pump. I don’t know why but my bloodsugar was only 250, should have been more like 800. I should have been incredibly ill or maybe even dead? I didn’t feel poorly. I took 3 units to cover the 250 bg and 3 units to make up for missed basal rate. I went back to sleep and woke up at 9:00 at 139. I feel fine today. Can’t explain it. I don’t seem to be miraculously cured but am still open to the idea!
Tomorrow I ride in the Tour de Cure in Three Forks, Montana on the new bike I picked out yesterday. Maybe I’ll name my bike “Survival”.

that’s crazy lucky! why can’t stuff happen like that more often? have a great ride tomorrow!

You are one “lucky” camper:) Have fun biking tomorrow!

I’ve had “strange” things happen to me, too. LIke the cell phone and home phone ringing each other until I woke up–low blood sugar---- or the numbers I see in three’s before a low, anywhere from a few minutes to two hours before… etc. I have noticed that with exercise, I don’t need any insulin from my pump (!!! yes, crazy, huh?), so whatever the reason (the universe IS looking out for me; my Guardian Angels are looking out for me?, etc. and G-d, too!!), I’m grateful!! Rebecca [;D

Your so good with names : )