Should I get my heart checked out?

I’m a type 2 diabetic who has been doing tri’s and distance running for years but should I get a stress test or ekg before taking on a long distance tri? I was on avandia for a short while a couple years back and every year there is a couple tragedies where someone in great shape has a heart attack in the swim or during a marathon and it got me wondering if i should get the old ticker checked out. your thoughts?

no…if you have been doing tri’s and distance running, i would think your heart is okay

Not because you have something to worry about. but because every athlete should make sure there isn’t a hidden problem waiting to happen and because you’ll feel better if you get it done.
I went to a sports medicine center and had a lactic acid test and cardio test. I am happy to know my heart is fine.

keep in mind that the fact that nothing has happened until now doesn’t mean it won’t happen. not all heart attack victims are out of shape. why not make sure?

I say if you’re concerned, get checked out. That Avandia stuff worries me. I wouldn’t let the concern stop you from doing anything before you get the cardio check up, but I would definitely go ahead with making an appointment.
It’s not advice, it’s just what I would do.
And get GlaxoSmithKlinePharmoGigantiCorp to pay for it.

you dont say how old you are (I am 58) but even if you are young you should establish a baseline to measure against later.

My mottos is always be safe rather than sorry not just because of the drug you took but for family history or unknown causes of heart problems that could be ideopathic. It would just give you peace of mind. I already had a heart attack a few years back and back into the running game and not afraid as I have no family history and keep checkups. I have no idea how old you are either. I am 56! J

I’m 38 with no history of heart diesase that I’m aware of but when you see stories like Steve larsen makes me wonder

The latest appears to be the Steve Larsen may have died from viral problems ( That being said, there is now some concern that endurance athletes may be at increased risk of heart attacks. Even Ken Cooper who is by some said to be the father of the aerboics, now is encouraging interval training instead of long hours of running.