Should i go to the doc?

The really GOOD ones do the a1c the same day and get the lab back in 10 min with a finger prick. They all do it differently. I’ll try calling ahead of my summer appointment.

At my last endo visit she did in office A1C, but the cost of it was much higher than a lab draw. So I prefer lab draw. Sometimes she orders CMP, once a year.

@mohe0001 ,
I see. What I started doing previously, when my endo was out of network and I paid for all her costs out of pocket, was to see my primary just before the endo appointment and get panel and A1c at my primary office and take results to endo appointment. She seemed to appreciate it. (They could do A1c in the office, but would cost me. No cost at primary every 3 months.)

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The “in-office A1C machine” is great for patients who don’t self-monitor bg.

I’m a little dubious the A1C (lab or in-office) provides any actual value to someone with a CGM and/or very detailed bg self-monitoring. I realize it is de rigeur for decades now, but official lab A1C’s show such a huge scatter and in-office A1C’s are even more randomly spread.