Should I inquire more or settle with dr. suggestion?

Hi Ladies!
I am 37.2 weeks pregnant, A1C is great and me and baby are super healthy. The only concern is that baby is already measuring 8.5lbs!!! Because of this alone my perinatologist and ob both want me to have a scheduled c section right past 39 weeks because they are concerned the baby could get stuck since diabetic babies carry their weight differently and I could possibly be looking at a near 10lb baby by that point (not to mention I’m 5’2). My question is should I inquire about an induction instead so that I can have the opportunity to try or just go with their recommendation? I really want to try a vaginal birth but I also don’t want to be selfish and put my baby in harm. Any advice would be appreciated. I’m just scared to death of a c section and worked so hard for great A1C’s to avoid a big baby but he just is despite my best efforts. I also know I could end up in a c section anyway but in an emergency situation…ugh…what to do, what to do? Wish baby would just come on his own before then but not looking like it.

I would ask them. You know your body…while you would like a vaginal birth, do you think a 10 lb baby would be able to fit in your pelvis/ birth canal, especially if your frame is small?

I think that it can't hurt to inquire. Your OB should be able to check for indicators that an induction may be successful, for example the percentage you are effaced at the time of induction, or whether you are naturally dilated already, etc... Not that it would be an easy thing at all, but women do birth 10 pound babies vaginally every day without requiring a c-section. If you want to let your body try this, I think that it is something at least worth discussing with your OB.

if you are interested in an induction you can ask about your bishop score. It is a way of trying to predict how successful an induction will be if attempted. If you have a bad score the induction is likely to end in an emergency c-section.

I have heard about babies getting stuck as well. It doesn't hurt to ask about your options, but I would probably want to play it safe with the c-section if that's what they think is best. Good luck, Anna!

I had the same news. Our "little guy" ended up being only 9lb 5 oz, but it was a scheduled c-section because his abdomen circumference was measuring bigger than his head circumference (which is apparently one difference between big babies and big babies due to diabetes). Not long before our son's birth, a patient who was in a similar situation with the same doctors that I work with had an induction and ended in an emergency c-section. I don't know the details, but I guess that was what helped me find peace about the scheduled c-section.

For me, the only thing worse than a scheduled c-section is an unscheduled one!

But you should certainly ask about the induction and see what they say. My OB-GYN said that she did not think that I was built to deliver our baby safely. However, after hearing awesome stories about diabetics birthing big babies naturally, I always wonder "what if???"....

Well, you have great advice, but let me throw my 2 cents in. I was induced at 37 weeks and gave birth vaginally. However, he got stuck (shoulder distocia -sp?). That caused a few issues and he hung out in the NICU for 5 days. In the grand scheme of things, it was no big deal - he is healthy. However, we are chatting with the dr about "next time". I want to avoid the NICU as much as possible, even if it means a c-section for me.

But I think you should get your questions answered and stick to your gut. You know your body better than anyone else and you have to live with your choices. Good luck in the home stretch!!!