Should I keep increasing my basal? C'mon Tresiba!

OMG I could have written this post. For the past 6 months I have been dealing with the same response. I was on 14 units a1c 5.3 no lows… absolute perfection. Now I’m guessing I am 6.0 or slightly higher and barely eating cause I will spike. Then I am over hungry and on a binge cycle just based on not eating and poor absorption. I don’t know the answer but for me a pump is not an option. I’ve tried injection all over and got a longer needle tip with little change. My only location of half way acceptable numbers is in my stomach.

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@Ali4 So sorry you’re going through the same thing!! :frowning: I had read nothing but positive about Tresiba, but for me it hasn’t been smooth sailing. A pump isn’t an option for me either; I can’t afford one or a CGM at all. I decided to cut out meat from my diet again because it upsets my stomach too much. Eating lower carb and vegetarian has been working better, but today I was low all day. I can’t tell if it’s hormone related, or maybe just eating meat entirely before, was the issue and that’s why I’m running lower. I was eating low carb with meat but it was making me way too ill. I’ve been afraid to eat though too, so you’re not alone there! I haven’t restricted myself, but I’ve been filling up on veggies and lots of faux meats to keep me full. I always dreaded seeing what number would pop up. One day at a time, and I hope you can figure it all out too! It’s so strange and frustrating for sure! :confused:

It’s such a delicate balance. I can’t eat meat my stomach will not tolerate it but I can do bone broth protein. It’s very gentle on the stomach and GI (healing from what I have read). If you are having hormone stuff are you watching the soy products cause that will also effect all that stuff. Soy was making my GI worse I’m down to eggs, bone broth powder and some fish.
For tresiba where are you injecting and what’s your needle tip length?

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@Ali4 I can do broth as well with no issues. Soy doesn’t seem to bother me either; I haven’t noticed any differences in hormonal symptoms, or BG numbers when eating it. That being said, I also don’t eat a lot of it. And I don’t think it’s needle length that’s the issue, because I’ve tried a few different sizes (since I have different ones on hand).

For the last 3 days I’ve actually done a complete 180 and have been running low. I have needed to decrease my Tresiba by a unit, but it takes a few days to kick in so it hasn’t helped as of yet. I think I have figured out that the problems I’ve been having really come from eating meat. I cut it out completely, and since then I’ve become more insulin sensitive. I’m okay with that, as long as I make the needed adjustments. If my spikes and such come back though, I’ll re-adjust and take it from there. Like you said, it’s a delicate balance. I have to figure out exactly what factor is contributing to my issues the most, so it’s been a longer process. I don’t want to change everything all at once and not be able to pinpoint the issue. Hopefully I have figured it out though!

That’s similar to what I was going to say I just changed from my stomach to my butt and was high for 3 days before things felt better. I know when I am not absorbing cause I start weird food cravings like I can’t control when to stop eating or when can I eat next and I am just sitting at an annoying 130 - 150.
Then I think the low comes when you switch locations and the previous days start to absorb. I think my stomach starts that day but everywhere else 3 - 4 days. I stay in one location for a week or two then change. I’m at a loss :frowning:

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@Ali4 So sorry girl! I know how frustrating it is for sure. I think my arm sites are getting wore out so I’ve switched to my legs (for my Novolog that is). I think I have my Tresiba dose set now, hopefully. I just ended my period which sent me low for 3 days and I saw no point in adjusting Tresiba then because it takes 3 or more days to adjust. I just took less Novolog, and ate before bed so I wouldn’t wake up too low. We’ll see where I land in a week or so. It all works for a while, then I have to switch things up again. Good luck to you! I hope you can find your balance too! :slight_smile: