Should I up dose or not?

I’m day 8 on Victoza and numbers are still great. I asked my Doctor if I could stay on .06 as long as it continued to work and he said it was fine to stay there, but if I want to also get the weight loss benefits of Victoza he recommended dialing it up to 1.2. I’m in a quandry…taking into account the possible side effects of Victoza, known and (because of the relative newness of the drug) unknown, along with the cost and the fact that the .06 dose is keeping my BG in the perfect range so far, should I stay where I am or dial it up?

The fact that I am 45 pounds overweight weights (no pun intended) on the decision too. Let’s face it, what woman wouldn’t want to be closer to 150 rather then 200 pounds? But there’s still those risks… BG levels aside, since they are really good at present, is my health more at risk by the excess weight, or by the possible side effects of increasing the dosage? And would the weight loss by taking Victoza be significent enough to make a difference between the weight loss and the possible side effects?

Vanity wants me to take the higher dose, but… Oh my, I’d really like to have a crystal ball to see into the future on this decision!

Anyone out there have that Crystal Ball, or at least any thoughts on the subject? Thanks!

Hello moonchild after 8 days has your body had time to come to terms with the drug the doctor says ok up the dosage but if you are doing it just to loose a bit more weight vs any side affects is the question, I do not understand my body so how can anyone offer non medical advice to you, I have been on 0.6 for 12 months lost 3 stone and feel much happier about myself well some days I do I have other medical problems and depression so any relief in my daily life is welcome,in the end only you can make the decision to up or not all i can do is wish you all the very best in your treatment

If you go up, then you may have the side effects of diarrhea, which can be a bothersome. Everything you will eat witll go right through you, and you will have to readjust your insulin.

Sounds like you’re doing great on the .06. I’ve decided that, for the time being, why mess with what’s working. I’m going to stay with the .06 as long as I can. I’ll walk for the weight loss, now that the weather’s going to be getting nicer. Thanks for the reply. I hope you get your other medical issues under control soon so your good days far outnumber your bad. :wink:

My thoughts exactly. I’ve decided to to keep where i’m at for the time being. Side effects do not sound pleasant. On this .06 the only day I had side effects was the 1st day, and it was awful. I spent the whole day within running distance of the toilet and couldn’t keep a thing down. Day 2 on was great… I’m afraid upping my dose might bring that back on again or keep me bathroom bound for the reasons you stated.

.06 works for me!

Thanks for your reply. :wink:

I wish it worked for me. My 2hr PP is sky high, but 2-3 hours later, I am hypo.
For me, Victoza doesn’t work.

I suspect a first phase insulin release problem with my pancreas.

So far, insulin alone, or with 0.6 Victoza seems best.

Wow Zolar, sounds like you’re on a roller coaster. once again proving how, for all it’s similarities, the human body probably has as many unique properties from one person to the next. Now only are we born with different personality traits that last a lifetime, but also our bodies also act so differently from one another when it comes to medications and the like. What is good for one isn’t always good for another.

Variety is the spice of life, but it would be nice to find a cure all for diabetes that works equally well in everyone wouldn’t it? Sigh…

Fortunatly Victoza works. My next step is insulin, but Victoza has put that off for now. Hope it puts it off forever! Good luck to you!

I wish it worked for me, but it apparently doesn’t.

Victoza would have made things a bit more automatic.

Insulin works great. Maybe you should ask to try a sample? One pen should last 2-4 weeks if you’re not too bad of a diabetic.

My doctor and I talked about Insulin, but the reason we decided to try Victoza is because I’m very scatter-brained, as my Mom called it. She had that mental illness too and I swear I inherited it from her. I can’t leave the house without having to come back in at least two times to get something I forgot. I’ve lost my purse a total of 8 times in my adult life (and got it back all eight times, a miracle in itself). I’ve locked my keys in the car a good dozen times. The only reason I’ve not done it many more times is because every car I’ve owned since 1998 has had a door lock keypad.

I battle to remember to take my medications daily (and lose the battle way too often). In the last 10 days on Victoza I have to admit I forgot to take day 9’s shot, and that even though I’m trying to keep a blog going. I also forgot to blog on day 9. I’ve tried setting alarms but I forget to set the alarms. I’ve tried writing myself notes, but forget that too, or just overlook the note. Seriously, it’s so bad I no longer carry a purse and carry my drivers license and a credit card in a little clip on purse that I clip to my key ring if I go anywhere. Even then that’s not a fool proof plan since once I layed it down to try on a pair of keys and was in my car before I realized I didn’t have my keys. Fortunatly they were where where I left them when I went back to find it.

So my Doctor thought Insulin wouldn’t be the best idea, since taking it at certain times of the day were more important then with Victoza. Also, if I forget to take Victoza, it’s not quite as important as forgetting to take Insulin.

Believe me, no one will be surprised if, someday, they list my cause of death as “severe forgetfullness”.