Should we look back to our childhood illnesses?

I’ve done some deep thinking recently about how or why I developed my diabetes and it made me wonder if there were signs of it developing many many years ago when I was a child.

I don’t mean that I developed it because of the usual childhood illnesses, but I do think that there were clues there of this impending disease. Unusual things that my friends didn’t suffer from.

When I was three, I developed what looked like a cigarette burn on the calf my left leg, on the left side. It turned out to be quite a mystery as it came up in a scab, which would drop off at a certain point and then underneith there would be a hollowed out section with new growth of skin… that would again blister and grow into a scab which again fell off and the hollow under it would be deeper and more pronnounced. Investigations into what was causing it took quite some time and many tests… The doctors decided that I was allergic to an agent that was in new carpets… I was given medication and a topical cream which seemed to cure the problem also instructions not to sit on new carpets and materials that were new would have to be washed prior to getting them near to my skin.

Around six years old I developed an allergy to Penicillen, so now can’t take that because if it’s reaction.

As an older child I developed a nasty red itchy rash on my arms and my upper torso, this turned out to be a complaint called Pettorrhiasis,( I believe it’s spelt that way. ).

Moving to today, my fructose levels go very high and the only thing I know that can be triggering this is my eating of fruit. When I was a child, I developed acidosis, through eating certain types of fruit… it didn’t always happen, but occasionally it would crop up… then after having my first child, I developed an allergy for Blood Oranges, and to this day I can’t and don’t eat them, this includes the ruby grapefruits.

Every year from my teens up until just recently, during the summer, I had to have all my skin covered in cotton clothes when I went out in the sun… If I had any skin exposed to the sunlight, I would get a heat rash that became increasingly itchy. This rash would form even on my fingers and toes…

In 1995 or there abouts, I also developed Thyroid disorder… Low Thyroid.

Now it could just be me thinking too deeply but joining the dots from the past… I believe that diabetes was waiting in the wings even then… If only I knew… If I had known I could have modified my diet earlier… but if it would have helped any, I’ll never know.

It would be interesting to find out though…

Your illness when you were 3 sounds like Kawasaki Disease. John Travolta’s son had it, some evidence that it is caused by the chemicals used to clean carpets.

I’ve often though about some childhood illnesses and if some were signs that I would have T1 Diabetes. Some of what research has found can cause D has made me think back to childhood. I know I didn’t like milk and my mom made me drink it (if I was left alone I would probably pour it down the drain lol). I also remember my mom in the winter sitting me in a sunny window to get some sun. Your post has caused me to really look back…thanks.

Thanks Kathyann, they never gave a name from what I remember to that scab thing on my leg… the scar is still there today… it was almost as if something was eating away at the muscle there… I’m pleased they managed to stop it’s progress… there is still like a hollow under the skin.

It does make you think doesn’t it Betty… I wonder whether my immune system was turning on itself right then and has been doing so all the way along… leading up to how it is today.

It would be really interesting to find out if any of these complaints were or are related to diabetes… I feel more research coming on…lol… who knows I may find something out.

Denise. x

I wish you the best Denise. I’ve tried to find evidence but I lucked out there is no one I know of who can fill me in.