Shoulder Surgery? (Anyone Anyone, Bueller)

I’ve had pain in my left shoulder area for years. I chalked it up to a
Diabetes related complication of some sort (lite form of frozen

shoulder etc… that would just hang around forever, no biggie). The past few months the pain has become a bit more intense. I complained to

my General Doctor during my last visit and he referred me to an Orthopedic Surgeon. The

Orthopedic Surgeon took an X-Ray of my left shoulder in his office and

determined I had a huge “hook” shaped bone spur (the size of the great state of

Texas). He then sent me for an MRI… the results determined I ALSO

have a rotators cuff tear! Holy crap!

I am scheduled for
arthroscopic surgery in one month. They will be grinding down the bone

spur and stitching the rotators cuff tear.

I have read that this is a common surgery… Anyone out there in TUland have experience with this procedure?

Still smiling and loving life even though my shoulder hurts a wee bit.

OUCH! I can’t imagine not being intense pain constantly with both going on. You’re tough, Danny!

He’s not diabetic, but brother-in-law had rotator cuff surgery & was fine. He was in a lot of pain before surgery & had immediate relief. He’s also had hip replacement & knee surgery. He’s being replaced joint by joint.

Hope you’re right handed.

Glad you’ve got surgery scheduled, though another month of pain is a long time. Want me to call & whine for you that you can’t wait?

I didn’t have a tear, but I had an impingement, first in one shoulder, then the other. We were living in SoCalifornia at the time, and I went to an acupuncturist and she was able to fix the first one with about 5 treatments, but the second one I had to have the surgery. It’s an in and out procedure. Afterwards, I had a lot of physical therapy, and I tried pretty hard to do my exercises, and now, about 15 years later, I’m probably about 95%. not that I was all that good before, but you wouldn’t want me on your softball team, and I can’t throw a frisbee.

Shoulder problems are pretty common. I’ve been fortunate to not require surgery, but I’ve had my own problems. The rotator cuffs are tendons that tie the shoulder joint into position. The shoulder is unique among the human joints having a truly disturbing range of motion. That feature can also be your worst nightmare. When you injure your rotator cuffs, your shoulder joint is not longer properly held into position and over time that can cause rubbing, inflamation and things like your “State of Texas.” In my case, a partial rotator tear/strain left my shoulder inflammed and I ended up like Marie, with an impingement. It left me almost unable to sleep, I could not put pressure on that side of my shoulder without setting off the nerves.

When you say you have had pain and it has gotten “a bit more intense” I suspect you are making light of what has been a real pain. I have known several people that have had these procedures and they all had good outcomes. Some have recovered 100%, others “wimped” on their rehab and still suffer weakness and limitations on range of motion. My impression was that these procedure has become generally routine and have a good success rate. If I ever had to undergo the procedure, I would probably try to find an ortho surgeon who specialized in sports injuries and had a good reputation. A doctor that can fix up an injured athlete and return him to his sport is the type I would want working on me. I would not only want the pain to go away, I would want to get back as much shoulder function as possible, particularly as a diabetic, if you can’t exercise your shoulders, you will be at future risk of frozen shoulder.

hi danny,
i’ve had surgery on just about every joint except my shoulder. (all that hard living has made me a limping annuity for my orthopedist). but … it’ll be fine and if you’re anything like me, your recovery will be quick and you’ll feel so much better. (one piece of advice … don’t use the pain meds unless it’s really bad. i saved mine for those long road trips with the kids. did wonders.) i’ve had work on both knees including two reconstructions of my right thanks to basketball. my right knee is now the best joint in my body; strong, pain free and stout. it’s why i can sprint with college athletes while reffing soccer.
it also sounds like the problem isn’t associated with D. that’s great. frozen shoulder is a ■■■■■. here’s hoping for a smooth procedure, quick recovery and a pain-free ``new’’ shoulder.

I had frozen shoulder and a bone spur a few years ago (before my type 1 diagnosis). It was easily the most pain I’ve ever been in. I had a “closed manipulation” for the frozen shoulder – basically they knock you out and move your arm around to break up the adhesions – and also arthroscopic surgery for the bone spur. The doctor told me that the key to success was to be REALLY diligent about physical therapy after the surgery. In fact, the surgeon phoned me after I got home (it was an outpatient procedure) to ask if I had started the exercises. When I told him my shoulder was still numb, he suggested having someone move my arm around for me! So I took his advice, did all the PT he suggested (and more), and 4 years later, my shoulder is 100% fine.

Good luck! Do your PT and I’m sure you’ll be fine!

yes, and my ortho at the time totally supported the acupuncture! she was 7th generation acupuncturist, and a wise little firecracker she was - she put the needles all over, and then put some kind of inscense on the ends, and lit them up! it was crazy! I’ve since had it again with marvelous results on my tennis elbow.

Good luck. I had forzen shoulder. Surgery on one and manipulation on the other. The post care regimen is critical. Another lady here in town had same surgery on same day but diff doc. World of difference in the success. Her doc didn’t order much post care. I progressed much faster.

I lived with the pain for years until I went to a healthcare conference where they discussed the difficlut to control diabetic and “diabetic in pain” was one of those difficult to control. Pain is a stress on body and can impact bg the same as other stress. I had NEVER thought of that but started tracking it and thought there was a correlation.

Best of luck on a speedy recovery!!!