Shoulder surgery


well, I had my shoulder surgery done. They went in and found that my rotator cuff was completely torn in two. So they repaired down. I have four weeks of total immobilization aside from when I am in physical therapy and they will be doing all of the range of motion for. I start physical therapy on Monday,I also go to work on Monday, as well start classes on Monday. My boss told me today that they are increasing my hours again it worked as a person that normally works to 5 AM shift is quit so I will go back to working 5 a.m. on Monday. Right now I am using a program called Dragon NaturallySpeaking, it’s types what I say as I am saying it so that I do not have to type 1-handed an impact like I have been doing contractors program today. They have me on pretty good pain medications at the moment so I’m not feeling a lot of pain now I’m going to try and get some sleep while I can.


Hi Cody, so sorry to hear about your shoulder surgery.
I wish you a good and speedy recovery!

My goodness, 5am shift? I may have been able to handle that in my younger, healthier years but now just the thought of it makes me want to curl up in bed! :slight_smile:


hi cody…
hope the pain will stop soon… I’ll pray for your recovery…

5am shift? means you have to get up earlier too… while I am already complaining of 7:30 shift, LOL… talk to you soon…