Shout out to Dexcom

Ist for the shout. If your not aware Dexcom will supply you with free over patches for you G6 sensor. Go to support/contact on your phone.
Now for the purpose of this note. How many users have noted that in a box of three sensors there is two with the same serial numbers. I have gone out of the way over the years to make sure I don’t use the same number twice in a row. I curious as to what would happen if the same number was used twice. Would the Tx see it as starting an expired sensor.

I don’t really pay attention to comparing to previous/next code. It should not matter at all, whether from same box or another.

(Assuming by serial number you are referring to the 4 digit code. I get 9117 alot.)

I have been using the overpatches for awhile, and they work great for me. Sometimes they deny my order, I think you can order every 3 months (9 Sensors).

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No it doesn’t matter what that number is.
The sensor usually gives a large signal when it’s first inserted.
Thats why sometimes restarts are wonky in the beginning.

The reason it would fail is if you didn’t allow the data to expire before putting another sensor in. It knows because the signal has not changed at all.

I posted a way to restart sensors without removing them though.


Every 30 days u can order as stated on their website. I use them.

That is why we are instructed to wait 15 to 20 minutes between a sensor turning off and a new sensor being turned on. That interval makes sure that existing sensor information is gone and the new code is accepted.

Great, don’t recall seeing that, and previous attempts to order gave message it was 90 days between orders.