Shoveling success!

I am so happy about Jacob's first job i had to share! He is 14 and his uncle works for the local elderly housing complex and needs help with shoveling, he usually always gets low with shoveling but we wanted him to have a chance to earn a few bucks and not let diabetes fear slow him down. So he woke up at around 150 and I bolused about 3/4's of the insulin i normally would for his egg and cheese on an English muffin with coffee, this was planned for the fat/protein combo. I turned his basal down 50% for 3 1/2 hours, 1/2 pre and 3 hours of work. He was too busy to test and feels his lows anyways, so NO LOWS and 117 bs after 40 decks plus walking one of the residents yorkee and cleaning off one of their cars! So hopefully he got the duel feel good of helping others and managing his diabetes well, ( with mom's help!) along with 45 bucks in his pocket. Dad and I were proud! Him mostly just tired but he has youth on his side! thanks for listening. Amy

Yay good for him and you. The little victories along the way make up for a ton of defeats. Thanks for sharing this success.

And is he still available to shovel ? My front steps need it badly.

he he you're close clare but not that close! it is beautiful isnt it, nothing like fresh snow, my dog looks like a bunny hoping in it! enjoy! amy

Yes it is beautiful, but my dog is not impressed with the snow and it certainly put a damper on our usual morning walk, we had to confine ourselves to the paved roads. But it does cover the grunge and make the countryside look very festive.