Shower Caps

I should be receiving my t-slim at the beginning of April 2015. I am opting for the Cleo infusion set but have read that they do not come with a shower cap. Does anyone have any info on this subject. Thank you in advance.

During my training, the Tandem rep told me to just unclip and shower. Don't worry about getting it wet. And after a year of following her advice, no ill effects at all.

IN 10+ years of pumping, I've only disconnect the pump and showered. No problems

Thank you for the replies. This is a great support system for those of us who share a common effort in controlling our glucose levels. Once again, thanks to all of you in welcoming me to this forum.

I think you'd only need to use a cap if you were swimming in the ocean or something. Sand could clog things up.

The infusion set is self-sealing, if you look at it carefully, you’ll see there’s a needle in the part you disconnect that punctures a rubber seal in the part that stays on you when you connect them. A cap doesn’t keep water out, if anything it might trap contaminants against the seal.

Thank you for all the information.

Hi Arthur,

I started using the t:slim the end of January with the Cleo infusion set. It does not have a Shower Cap but I haven't had any problems.

I was given the following tips regarding the Cleo and it has worked for me.

  1. The Cleo's have a heat activated adhesive so leave it pushed against the skin for a short time and your body heat will help it stick. The instructions says press firmly and hold it for 5 seconds but I hold it for about 15. I count 10001, 1002, etc.
  2. When you push/insert it far enough you hear a click, this is the needle retracting back into the purple inserter. So once you hear that click remember there is NO needle in the body and holding the purple inserter or applying pressure against the body is helping it adhere and you're NOT pushing a needle since it's retracted.

Also to disconnect it you have to pinch the sides, slide it open/out and lift it off. If you used the Inset infusion set (like I did before) you tend to slide it out only and think it is off.