Siblings with Type I

Just found the site! I have two girls, Erin (7) and Eva (5), who were diagnosed six months apart when they were 5 and 3. It is difficult to believe that it has been two years. Neither of them remembers what it was like not to have diabetes and the routine is firmly established at our house. How many other parents of siblings are in the group? One of the oddities that I have noticed over the past two years is how often the two of them are in synch with their glucose levels, regardless of their wildly different tastes in food!

Hi. I have two kids, but only one of them has D. (Riley, diagnosed at 3, now 5)

Welcome to the group.

Wow, I thought it was weird with my daughter and I being dx’d 9 months apart! I am so sorry you endured so much that year! I do know of some parents with two kids at but none in person.