Sick... again

It all began innocently enough.

A walk in the rain last week, nothing too drastic. I dried off quickly, toyed briefly with the thought of getting ill, then filed it away as negative thinking. After a few days, nothing had happened, and I was lulled into a false sense of security.

It started with the hypos. Constant lows, and no idea why. Reduced the basal, cut the correction ratios, and still I was the hypo queen. I scrapped my alter-ego of "2high", and resigned myself to eating copious amounts of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in an attempt to maintain a bg that didn't induce sweating and shaking.

After the lows, came the highs. They arrived unexpectedly as I slept, waking me viciously with a full bladder, a dry mouth, and put me in the terrible position of having to decide which was a higher priority; the toilet or the drink. The toilet won.

The highs stuck around a lot longer than the lows, then finally settled for a day or two. Still no other symptoms of illness of any type, and I put the bgs down to being one of those D things that we can't control... then came the throat.

I woke Wednesday morning with a sore throat. Itchy, raw, and irritating. I blamed the high that accompanied it that morning, and tried to drink a gallon of water to fix it. Then came the watery eyes, the runny nose and the painful sinuses. Of course, there is no show without Punch, and the cotton-wool filled head had to join the party. And, it seems a party isn't a party without syrupy blood, small ketones and a fever. Yuk.

So the whole crew was there. Lantus was working overtime, chasing its tail to keep some sort of order about the place. Novorapid was there in double force. Sudafed and Codral were ingested in copious amounts, as was Nyal Nasal decongestant, and Kleenex and Vicks Vapor Rub were in huge demand.

The party is continuing tonight, it seems... next time, I'm walking with an umbrella.