Sick child and a screamer in the garbage

So my son woke up this morning with a "belly ache". We made it to my karate class and he was acting normal. I'm halfway through 50 push ups when I hear *barrrrrrrrrrrrrrf* from the lobby. Hoo boy, he's sleeping right now, but poor little dude has been running a fever all day.

On a personal front the Omni and Dex are working like a dream team, and my numbers (aside from a few learning curveballs) have never been better. I am on week 3 for this sensor and it's still never been more than 10 points off of a double blind stick test. I did have one LOL moment this week when the pod that I lost from Karate on Monday (which I had thrown in my backpack and subsequently the garbage) decided that it was still active. Nothing like hunting around the entire house for hours trying to find the faint, but annoying beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep :D