The past few weeks have been quite stressful and my body decided to give in. I developed a cold a few days ago and have had such a hard time getting my sugars under control. (surprise, surprise.) But what makes it a bit more challenging, for me, is that in the midst of getting sick, I had to change from my pump to shots.

I officially HATE injections!! How the HECK did I do it before? It’s a good thing I don’t remember a whole lot. I mean, I did injection therapy from age 6 to 12. Wow. I cried tonight. I had to give my last shot for the day and MAN did it HURT!! The pump infusion sets would sting, when inserted, maybe 1/5 of the time. But now that I’m getting like 4 shots a day…in multiple different areas. …with bruises. sigh I’m just ranting.

Sooooo from all my laying on the couch and drinking lots of water, I kept myself entertained by coloring. Yup!! That’s right, kindergarten-style, crayons and markers, COLORING! Here are a few pics of my art work. =)

Ok, off to blow my nose!