Sick of it

Ok - so I have not had Type one for years......only since 2009....but I am really sick of the rollercoaster on so many levels. Just when you think you have a "handle" on your diabetes something changes - like today, just experienced being allergic to the adhesive tape/IV prep for my CGM! I'm feeling totally worn out and wish this bad dream was over.

Thanks for listening.....tomorrow is a new day. Deep inhale.....sigh........

When I first went on the pump, and was using the old undetachable sets which had to be taped down, plus a safety loop which also had to be taped down, I found I was allergic to everything except Hypafix. I don't know if your CGM already has adhesive on it or not (the MM does), but you can try various tapes, and then, if you find one you're not allergic to, you can put it down first, after cutting a slit for the sensor to go through.

Good luck!

I was allergic to the tape too....It's ok that you are sick of it--- We understand....a new day is on the way.

And this too shall pass....

Sneetch, I have to say that you have this best name here! Wish I had a practical solution for you, but you've made me smile here in the dark and frozen East! Hope today is better for you.

Still doing fine. in Year 42 with T1, but pretty sick of it.

Thank you for the reply - year 42! wow You are an inspiration. Have a great holiday & stay warm!

Hello Sneetch by the beach:

As long as you keep up the breathing... its a @()#@*#@#&@ GOOD day <tiny amused grin>.

If it caused problems, perhaps walking away from the equipment for some period of time is a good solution? I'm also going on year 42 trying to ride this dragon. It is most challenging... looking for some place the cat won't interupt his quiet, deep breathing exercises.


Totally understand how you feel! I have had diabetes for 14 years. Lately my A1c has been higher than it has ever been, and I was just feeling like maybe I had a handle on it. I am having a tough time motivating myself to do better because when I finally felt better my A1c was higher. It is definitely a roller coaster! I have found sometimes you just need to splurge, have a treat or do something for yourself, and then get back down to it. It is hard to live with diabetes, you have to realize you are amazing to have come this far!

I've had it since 2010 and it always gets on my f**king nerves. Yeah, I know about the potential complications and blah, blah, blah. But they are just words blowing in the wind. The CONSTANT maintenance gets really OLD. Granted, I am always proud of myself being that, presently, I am keeping good control. But I am tired of always having to do s**t that should be on autopilot.
When I have a day like this I go to bed early, sleep well (unless I have to get up in the middle of the night to test...*sigh*), and then be refreshed.
With this mess (because that is what Diabetes is a big MESS)you have to take it one day at a time.

Yeah, I love how they'll rail on and on about the complications and then they've got the nerve to charge a dollar a test strip. Socialized medicine, anyone?

Year 35 for me, about exhaustion!

I would go for GOOD socialized medicine. My fear of socialized medicine is that bureaucrats and MDs would make generalized decisions, and not allow for the individual differences we all experience. For example, limiting the number of test strips to say, 4 a day, when we all know that there are days when you have to test much more often, like when you're sick, or exercising a lot. I don't want to have medical waste any more than anyone else, but diabetes supplies DO need to be individualized and under socialized medicine, it MIGHT be better, but it could be worse. In Canada, some provinces allow pumps for children, but not for adults. Imagine what it would be like to be a child with a pump, and then magically hit the age of 18 and bye-bye pump! As if child T1s don't grow up?

So, socialized medicine is good in theory, and certainly better than our current system, but it would need to be administered VERY carefully, and I'm not sure any country that currently has it is doing right by their diabetics.

I agree completely....I think I tend to lean towards socialized medicine because when a profit motive is involved, people get limited supplies and end up getting hurt. But I have no doubt that a socialized system would have problems of its own...