Side effects affects which is it

Try as you may with other conditions apart from diabetes type 2 it is difficult to separate the side affects and the problems taking so many medications are doing to my body,insulin victoza,heart failure medicines gout medicines and prostrate medicines all mixed up in a lethal cocktail,low blood pressure which one causes what side affect which one is making me feel lousy some days,in total I take 13 pills a day 2 lots of insulin and one dose of victoza and some days pain killers to ease the aching shoulders none of which i believe my body appreciates one bit,I have asked my doctor but let us be honest in a 10 minute appointment what can he tell you in detail,why not an hours appointment once a year a full MOT like you have to have for your motor car if it is older than 3 years,in that time you could have full medical and have time to express you concerns worries and hopefully get some of the answers to the many questions diabetics heart failure patients have, is it really too much to ask what affects these drugs are having on our bodies and minds.
No idea if you are like me a bit of a worrier not warrior you read so much in newspapers about drugs Staten’s aspirin and others and it does nothing to calm a stressed mind,please explain to me how I can control my blood sugars to avoid the roller coaster ride I am having this morning my blood sugars were 9.1 before breakfast what amount of insulin should I take after 14 years of being diabetic you would think I could answer that simple question myself,a lot of the medication I take lower blood pressure no wonder I am wonky on my feet some days confused have loss of memory you would think I was 89 instead of 64 no offense meant to anyone older than myself I know a lot of folks older than me more alert fit and active it does make you wonder what some of these drugs really do to you,I worry about youngsters who have there whole life in front of them what advice are they getting parents too you can read as much as you like but it not the same as having a diabetic specialist tell you like it is,maybe you disagree each to his or her own point of view,the doctor keeps telling me to avoid stress can you or me see it coming how about a course in stress control,anyway life is too short to worry about such things i keep telling myself but I would like to get out every day I can from it and not feel like something the cat dragged in some days.