Side effects for Forxiga (SGLT2 inhibitor)

Hi all, I started taking 5mg Forxiga (SGLT2 inhibitor) to prevent the frequent after-meal spikes and have seen below benefit:

  • i only need half my normal mealtime insulin dosage
  • after-meal spikes are gone

However, i am concerned about the short and long-term side effects. Have anyone taken Forxiga before and can you please share if you have experienced any of these:

  • UTI / fungal infections
  • DKA
  • headache/migraine
  • long-term kidney damage ?

I took Forxiga for six weeks and stopped because I had two yeast infections during that time. It was great for my blood sugar, though. I did check ketones regularly and did get ketones more often while taking the medication, but I was just careful to stay hydrated and give insulin if I saw them increasing. I initially checked ketones twice a day but tapered off to once a day or when I didn’t feel well. I would have continued the Forxiga were it not for the yeast infections.

Hi,I had external itching ,doctor said to stop medication. Nancy50