Side effects of Apidra

I started my pump on Humalog, but recently switched to Apidra. Apidra makes me feel like I have a high blood sugar when it is around 120. Is this normal?

I've been on Apidra from the start (3 years) and never noticed that or any other side effect. But then, unlike lows, my highs are very subtle and I don't often recognize them until I test. As far as I know the only difference with Apidra is it has a bit faster onset and a bit shorter tail.

Thank you for responding! I am on my second vial of Apidra. I took Humalog prior to the switch. I have noticed with the Humalog. the difference in blood sugars is more noticeable. Apidra seems to be more of a mellow transition.

Been on Apidra for 6 years.. very little difference ,for me ,beween Apidra's effect on sensation of highs than humalog's. Like Zoe, it has a slightly faster on set and does not last quite as long as Humalog. It also seems not to clog in the tubing and seems to flow better. Have not noticed side effects.

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