Sign and help promote the FDA petition

Today, we’ve announced our support of the Heal The FDA petition:

How to promote the petition?

  1. You can embed either one of these banners on your blog’s side bar. Just copy the HTML code below the banner you like (the “me” version or the “us” version) and paste it where you want to include it on your blog:

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="discussions/7001-8000/7835-FDApetition_me.jpg" alt="" width="160" height="215" border="0" /></a>


<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="discussions/7001-8000/7837-FDApetition_us.jpg" alt="" width="160" height="215" border="0" /></a>
  1. You can also include a mini-version of the petition on your site, by copying the HTML code below and pasting it on your blog or web site :
    <div id=“peSiteTargetDiv304772072”><a href=“” style=“display: block; width: 252px; text-align: center; font-size: 8pt; font-family: Verdana,sans-serif;”>Petition powered by</a></div>
    <script src=“”></script>

It will display a widget that looks like this:

I as a retired Canadian am fortunate to be covered by Extended Health benifits . Our Provincial and Territorial Goverments are awere through Advocacy by the Canadian Diabetes Association and their volunteer advocay ambassadors , that by spending one dollar on diabetes treatment ultimately four dollars will be saved . Simple is n’t it !!
Some provincial governments are more progressive than others : insulin pumps are made available to children and adults in Ontario; by special authority pumps are made available to kids in BC , NF , Sask .There is lot more work ahead .I am living proof, that finger pokes ( a lot ) have helped me staying away from the Emergency department and that an insulin pump has improved my quality of life and for the people around me . I consider myself a healthy 68 year contributor towards the Canadian economy .
I signed the petition; I feel strongly about the plight of diabetes, no matter where one lives .

Thanks for supporting this initiative, Nel!!

I’m in it.

I found this out, which may be very convenient to help spread the word about the FDApetition:

Here is a great post by Amy Tenderich:

She interviews Rebecca Killion, an FDA Patient Rep with diabetes. Well worth reading!