Sign of neuropathy?

Lately my feet the sides and heels have been really itchy when I am in bed, once I put socks on in the morning it is better, lotion helps a little. Could this be a sign of early neuropathy or just a skin condition?

I went to see the podiatrist, I passed the office tests for skin issues and neuropathy, tuning fork and filiment. But he said it could be the start of neuropathy. Recommended BenGay, it works!!! He said at night my nerves are undistracted. Like not hearing traffice noise during the day, but hearing it at night. BenGay doesn’t really heat the skin, it fools the nerves and distracts them. I put some on at night and no problem!!!

hows your skin condition now? I live in the mtns above Colorado Springs and the only lotion that works for me is rx–10% urea cream called Nutraplus. not sure if mine is just a skin condition or not. my PCP doc says its a by product/effect of insulin. One thing that I do is I have a sander that is called a mouse by black & decker. Extremely fine sand paper and sand the foot. I think the vibrations from the sander also helps block itching (works for me). Got any new tricks?