in this past months i feel some signs of diabetes, like wounds that last for months…my father have it, would i consider myself that i have also??

…,maybe it’s better if you will have a medical check up with your doctor…

Hi Cory,
Like AJ replied, it is very important to have a checkup with your doctor. If any of your parents have diabetes (type 1 or type 2) you have a higher risk, definitely.

Have you noticed if you are feeling very thirsty or urinating more often than normal? These, along with blurry vision, are among the other common symptoms of diabetes.

If you feel it is possible you have it, please make sure to go to the doctor and get checked.

Hi Cory-

I agree with AJ and Manny! If you have a family history of diabetes and have experienced extreme thirst, sweet taste in your mouth or urinating alot makes Doc appointment. It’s better to know than not know at all