Silhouette and Sure T infusion sites

I just started using the Sure T infusion set instead of the quick set and it seems to be working much better. My old set would stop working after about 24 hours and I was getting instant highs even without food. Other than changing my sites more often does anyone use it on their legs and arms? I am very lean and think I might not enough fat tissue for the other sets. The pump company told me to use Silhouettes on my butt and sides and I wondered how on earth I was going to put it in myself. The Silhouettes work best but I only used it in my stomach. I’m just looking to get creative to all the spots I can use. I would love anyones suggestions.

Oh and I did order that Silhouette inserter and to be honest it looked like it might hurt so that idea in out the window!!!

I use the Sure T’s on my legs. As long as I pinch the skin up, I’m okay, and so far not hit muscle like I used to when I was MDI (multiple doseage injecting). Do you find the Sure T’s leave almost no mark on the skin Alison? That is the one thing that I’ve found with using Sure T’s rather then using the teflon cannula. You’d almost not know that I’d had an infusion set in when I remove the Sure T - but I still do the 1" rotation all the time every 3 days like a good soldier .

Yes so far there seems to be less scaring under the skin. I was just getting so sick all the time I hope this it the fix. But I have been only using it for 2 days vs the 3 like the other sets. I m going to try my upper leg. I did use my arm and it worked well but then I had a lot of bleeding after I took it out. Thank you for sharing!

I alternate with Quick-Sets, Silhouettes, and Sure T’s. I’ve inserted them all in my upper arms, thighs, upper buttocks, back (below bra) and so on. I have a set on my back right now actually and a sensor in on my thigh.

So it is higher than your sides (love handles) I didn’t think you could go that high. I will give it a try.

yes, I have used it as high as right below where the bra sits on your back. They say anywhere you can pinch an inch you can place it. ONLY if your Endocrinologist allows you to do so.