Silhouette catheter kinking

We have been having issues lately with the pump catheter kinking at the end after insertion. We of course don’t know this has taken place until after struggling with highs and ketones and change the site and see that the end is kinked off. First, I wonder why the heck doesn’t the pump ever alarm that there is an occlusion? Is is just because his doses are still fairly small? (He is 4yo) I don’t remember having so much trouble with this. I just changed his site yesterday and changed it again today. I place it in the buttock. The docs continue to tell me to rotate in that area. He is kind of skinny and I am not sure where else would be the best to try. I am sure he has a good amount of scar tissure building up that is probably contributing. He is also quite active and rough on his site. For those of you with small children and pumps, where do you find is the next best place to use for sites? The thighs? I am nervous about using other areas. I don’t know if my technique is causing a problem? Just frustrated right now with all of it!

Caleb has used his belly and back successfully since starting the OmniPod when he was 4. He is thin too.

I have had the same problem. For a while I knew it was my technique that was the issue, because I couldn’t get the needle to slide smoothly under the skin, and that’s key. I started using the inserter (the spring loaded device they include with your initial shipment) and got comfortable doing it that way, then began working on my manual technique once I had caught up on my sleep and gotten myself out of the “I’m a failure as a parent” mode. Now I do it manually and have few problems with kinking. When I do, it’s almost always because I set the site too close to the upper middle of the buttock in question – we do a lot better on the hip or lower part of the butt cheek. I think that the motion of the muscle causes crimping when it’s set up high, personally. Not ready yet to make the switch to belly and back, Eric is too prone to exploring his site even on his butt!

We did switch to the steel cannula at one point a while ago, but his numbers were terrible so we switched back. It makes sense like you said Elizabeth, that the area movement with the muscle can cause it. Like I said he is very rough on his sites. I haven’t tried the Sil-serter. I have just been doing it manually and he doesn’t always cooperate with that very well, very squirmy. Most times I have to have my husband hold him. I typically use the Emla cream but I have found that when I use that even if I clean the area off first before placing the site, it doesn’t adhere very well to the skin and it will come loose quite easily with sweating and bath time. If I don’t use it, the site and the IV clear dressing I use, stays in place well, even with baths, until it needs to be changed. I am just so nervous to try other spots, but I know I have to at some point. How do you manage the tubing with the other spots? Right now Rory wears a t-shirt with a pocket on the back so I just run the tubing up under his shirt and tuck the pump in the pocket. The tubing then stays tucked away.

Hello there, Kinking is an unfortunate issue with busy little pumpers. We recently took our lil pumper off for about a month, it sucked but let the arms and upper hip, buttock area rest and heal. I recell most of the problems with our sites is they break offf near the pump not near the insertion site. Here is the link to Break from her pump

We have always manually inserted and I have not experienced kinks; have experienced sil not going in smoothly, meeting resistance, and have to pull it. Assume that is scar tissue or an overused site. Basically, I do not insert to the hilt, but insert until the sil kind of “stops”… if that makes sense, not forcing sil in further than it goes on its own. You could try the Sil Serter but I find it too awkward. You will have the right insertion with the serter.

Well it seems may have been overused areas on the buttocks for the moment. I have tried placing it a little lower than before and so far we have had really better numbers. I may have been placing it too close to muscle. Still need to try other areas on the body so the buttock area can recover. I have thought about doing “a break from the pump” It certianly has helped tremendously with better control, but has brought on a whole other area of problems too. I think a break during the summer would be nice. That way he could run around and play at the pool without worries about his pump. But I am sure his numbers would be way out of range for that time, which sucks :frowning:

Very good point with the whole school issue. Right now my son is in preschool and since I am at home, I just go down every day to do his snack check and bolus. It is nice to just discreetly get the pump out and set it. He does not like getting injections. From time to time, when he has ketones and we have to change the site and just cover by syringe, it is usually a scene because he doesn’t like the shots. Of course he doesn’t care for the needle for the site change either, he calls it “The hurt thing” :frowning: