Silicone Skin Available for the G4

Tallygear has just released a silicone skin case for the G4. This is what I have wanted all along and hopefully it won't disappoint. Currently red is the only color available, but orange, purple, blue, and black can be pre-ordered with delivery expected soon. You can check out the multiple cases available at In addition to the new silicone skin, there is a lycra case available in a rainbow of colors and patterns and also a more protective neoprene case.

I also just found out that you can get custom clear screen protectors for the G4 at

You can get decorative decals at both sites.

If you'd like to read more, I published a blog post on Monday about Dexcom cases:

wow! The Tallygear skin is just what I wanted... Thanks for posting.
I went to their website, and they now have it available in red and orange -- $17.95 plus $5.95 shipping.
I can't tell if the one they show is bright red or garish orange -- they don't yet have both colors showing at their website.

Thanks so much for posting this!

That's good to hear. I got a note from Donna Annese that she had just finished designing a "rubber bumper" for the G4 that was being produced this week. I am looking forward to receiving one of the first off the line. The tally gear products have never disappointed me and customer service is unparalleled. The screen protectors from pumppeelz were not very good according to a couple of my friends who used them. The remark - don't waste your money was what I heard. I just used some Wrapsol which I cut to size to cover the screen. This stuff is designed to protect iphones and ipad screens, but it has worked fine for the G4.

That’s too bad about the Pump Peelz screen protector and I hope I have better luck. Fortunately they weren’t very expensive. I’ve been using phone protectors on my Dex receivers, but they’re difficult to install. Actually with my newest receiver I haven’t been using anything because I wrecked the phone protectors I had and never got one on that didn’t look horrible.

I've ordered from TallyGear in the past and also agree with you that the customer service is exceptional! I have a question that does not pertain to TallyGear. How do you apply the screen protector to the Dexcom receiver without making a horrible mess of it? It seems like no matter what product I use, I end up with those little tiny bubbles that I can't smooth out.

I ordered my Tallygear skin Thursday, and it just arrived today (Tuesday). It fits like a glove, and the miniUSB connector to hook to the computer has a cutout that is just barely adequate, but it is...

BTW, I got it in bright red which looks fine with my black G4.

Also, I cut one of my business cards down a bit, and put it between the backside of the G4 and the skin. It's invisible there (unless someone takes off the skin) but makes me feel better that I have some ID in case an honest person finds it, if and when I misplace it completely.

I have no great advice for you. I ordered the clear screen protectors from Pump Peelz and bombed with both of them. I have had no protection of my current receiver for several months and it looks just fine. I keep it in my pocket, but never have anything sharp like keys in the same pocket.

So my current philosophy is to put nothing on the screen and just live with scratches if they happen.

I am still waiting for my Tallygear silicone case. I’ve seen on the web that others have gotten theirs, but nothing in my mailbox yet.