Since switching to Lantus and Novolog my cuts and scraps are not healing as fast

Very strange. Since I have started taking these new insulin products my cuts and scares are not healing like they used to. I cut myself pretty bad on the hand and its not going away. its getting better but at a slow pace.

What type of insulin were you on before? I haven’t really noticed my cuts or scraps not healing fast but that is probably because I’ve been on Lantus since being diagnosed with diabetes… I can’t really remember or compare to how things were almost 4 years ago :confused: When I was first diagnosed, I was on Novolog but then I switched insurances and had to switch over to humalog. Sorry I couldn’t be much help… I would definitely shot my endo an email to see if it’s insulin related…

nph / humalog

Dear andrew. Are your BG readings much worst than when you started the new regime. I can say that than my cuts heald at a slower page. But higher BG could cause that. I was also on NPH. Did the wound get infected that can slow things down too.