Singing the Newbie Woes (help! lol)

Ok, so I have my OmniPod and my Dexcom Seven Plus CGM - and I love them! However, I now have my settings on my CGM to warn me that I’m going low when I reach 80, as I am continuing to have hypoglycemic unawareness until I reach 50 or below. (Ugh!!!) It seems like there is the warning on the CGM, and then my BG ranges from the mid-30’s to the low 50’s.

I’m learning as I go and will go complete my “formal” training with my OmniPod tomorrow. Shawn is going with me - what a lucky gal I am to have an interested hubby! <3 He’s really helpful too when I have my hypo spells; we are hoping to get them fixed when I visit my endo next month (if not before). The CGM has really helped me to program my PDM with a good basal program (in my opinion). I’ve been learning how to adjust it and will download all my CGM info this afternoon and print it off to take tomorrow to my training. They really seemed appalled that I was actually using the Pod prior to training - but it’s super easy to use, especially after playing with the PDM and stuff online for at least a month prior to me getting it…

I started using Mastisol today to ensure a good seal on my Pod and CGM adhesives. This was my first experience with it, and I’m not totally sure I’m doing it right. My pharmacist had never ordered it before, and she ordered the bottle for me. Since then, I’ve found out that it comes in a spray bottle as well and would like to try it next time (when I run out of the Mastisol in the regular bottle). This stuff was expensive at $41 per bottle - but if it really works and gives a good seal, then it is totally worth it! Any hints you pros out there can offer are really welcome. =)

I’ll close this with a question because I don’t understand… you’re not supposed to put any kind of tape on the CGM transmitter, yet the manual talks about using a “shower cover” to ensure that it remains water-tight/water-proof. Any clue where I can get these shower covers? Right now, I am using IV tape cut into strips to ensure a good seal on the adhesive parts of my CGM and Pod… Help me out here, and please tell me your tips and hints… I appreciate it!

Hi Melissa,

First off, congrats on being proactive. You’re already way ahead in this crazy race just by being informed and taking action.

As for the CGM transmitter, it is waterproof, so you shouldn’t really need a shower cover. The receiver (the part that shows the graph) is not waterproof, so obviously it needs to stay dry, but the rest of it (everything that’s stuck to skin) should be able to be soaked without any problems. Occasionally, the water will seem to loosen up the adhesive a little, but usually that’s only if it’s already falling off.

The Mastisol is good, as is IV prep and SkinTac. Just remember that whenever you put a new sensor on, you should only put the prep stuff on where the tape will be, and leave a little hole where the sensor itself will be. This is important, because the Mastisol or IV prep can mess up the sensor wire and cause poor results.

Sounds like you’re well on your way to being as healthy as you can be. Keep up the good work!

Agree w/ Brett: you don’t really need anything on top of the CGM Sensor (or the Omnipod) when getting a shower.

However, all of these toys get looser as they get wetter so keep an eye on them if you’re going swimming.

Thanks for the hints. I’m apparently allergic to latex, as it peeled my skin off last week when I was changing my pod and started turning red and itching around my sensor, so I changed tapes. However, I am going to look into cloth tape to help with the Mastisol… It seems to want to turn loose when I sweat as well as in the shower. ? No clue why this is the case, as I use the barrier wipes. I will have to check into the SkinTac, Brett. Thanks for the hints. =)