Sit here little sprout

Hot summer days like this bring memories of my very early childhood grandma grandpa always there like lighthouse in a stormy sea, I do not have many memories of granddad I must have been 3 or 4 I have no idea and memory does play tricks with you sometimes but some things are embedded deep in my memory and pop up now and then the smell of wallflowers gillies granddad grew these near the from garden wall and I have fond memories of him picking me up sitting me on the wall and telling me things only granddads know he was a big man a giant to me now and then a flash of his face streaks across my mind and for a split second I can see him clearly he passed away leaving grandma to bring up lots of children as well as me seeing chickens running around in a children's farm brings back memories of me trying to catch one for granddad in those days most folks kept chickens for the eggs and meat to eat for food times were hard.
Grandad kept pigeons and I can often imagine him calling to them trying to get them in for the night, so many things from the late 40s stick in my mind mom had me at 15 dad was not much older sadly mom has passed on but dad still is active and he celebrated his 84th Birthday in fact he looks fitter than I do at 66 no pre processed foods in those days well I do not remember any no disposable nappies all had to be washed to use again it is a pity I do not remember more especially about my grand parents not sure if anyone in the family had diabetes then as a child growing up you are too busy soaking up everything to know about anything.
Little sprout no idea if grandpa ever called me that would like to think he did if they are looking down on me love you both from a grateful grandchild.

what beautiful memories!