Site placement for kids? Help!

So we just started the system 2 weeks ago and we are very excited already but my son just turned 7 and site placement has been a challenge. Needless to say he is EXTREMELY active and never stays still. I am vey leary of his arms because I am afraid he is going to rip it off. Our legs have been our only success so far and his belly just did not work, he moved to much. Where on the back has been successful for everyone? Any good tips from all the parents out there of small children? He is tall and just recently starting to actually have a little bit of thickness to him. My other challenge is he is a true little boy and has a terrible time remembering to be more aware of his pod placement. Help???!!

My son is 7 yrs. old. Our best sites are arms and legs. We started on the Omnipod on July and haven’t had any trouble. My kid plays tennis 6 days a week, and that includes physical trainings. So there is a lot of running, jumping and sweating involved. IWe found at CVS an elastic stretch net, that is like a tubular net; it comes in small width and large. We use the small for his arms, as an extra protection. Hope it helps!!!

I’ve seen some kids wearing them on the lower back, near the sides.

Thanks so much - I will look for the netting. I really appreciate the info.!

We have two girls, 9 and 7. They’ve been using the pods for a year. We use arms, legs, back and belly in a rotation. They both really like the arm and belly. The leg is a good site but we have to change the basal rates there because the absorption is different. For the back, we position the pods with the cannula facing away from the spine and above the waist, just above the lower back. For belly we always position the pod with cannula facing the belly button. We’ve tried the other direction and it is just too painful for the girls.

Both of the girls are in soccer and swim usually daily in addition to dance once a week. We’ve had a few pods get knocked off, but not too many.

My son is 6 and very active too. He likes his arms the best. I buy the foam tape and just wrap it a couple of time. (water proof tape on the package. it sorta flesh colored) He also uses his legs and the top of his butt. That’s his most recent site and had a lot of anxiety over it, but that’s getting better. We’ve tried the belly, but he’s really small and doesn’t have a lot of fat, so that tends not to be a very good site. I let him pick his site, not including that last two sites, so we get a good rotation, and he pushed the button to inject to give him some control. We’ve had our fair share of pods get knocked off. I just try to tape it really well if he’s swimming or something else really active. The awareness of the pod will come, but yet just be a part of him.

I have a three year old who has been on the pod almost a year - we use her arms and lower back - we tend to reinforce them with medical tape.

Thanks for all the replies! We just tried the back of his arm last night - I am hoping for the best. I tried to convince him to try his back but I was not successful. We will try that at his pace. Thank you all so much for all of the insight! It is truly appreciated.

One of my biggest fears is that his siblings will be diagnosed as well. How do you handle having two children with T1?

My son is 9 and has been using the pod for more than a year and a half. Until recently he would only allow us to place the pod on the lower back, alternating sides, needle away from the spine. We’ve tried his thighs but that was uncomfortable for him. In June we attended Friends for Life and he saw a lot of kids (and Team Type 1 representatives) wearing theirs on their arms and he has since started wearing his pod there - we are actually rotating sites between his two arms and both sides of his lower back. We also cut a piece of Ultrafix tape (by Derma Sciences) and place it over the pod as added protection against knocks and bumps and it usually works well (although we’ve noticed the adhesive seems to be inconsistent from roll to roll). Last night we used Skin Prep before applying the pod in an effort to mitigate the skin irritation my son suffers from due to an apparent allergy to the pod’s adhesive.

As weird as it sounds, having both of my daughters with T1 is actually easier for all of the things that really matter to us. It was easier for us to commit to managing the disease as a family. We don’t have to worry about being accused of favoritism due to disease/not disease. They can go back to the standards (you like her best because she’s the youngest!). We can celebrate their true differences. Also, it is nice because they have a built in support system with each other. There WILL be someone close to them who knows EXACTLY what it is like to grow up with the disease in their environment. It is also a micro-education on the fact that the disease is different for everyone.

I noticed you said your son is allegic to the adhesive. I am too and I use the Pod. I use Shield Skin made by Coloplast. It is very inexpensive and you can order it on line. Just wipe the skin & air dry befor applying the Pod. It not only protects your skin but it also helps to keep the pod on. Good luck.

Thanks for the tip! I’ll give it a try!

Wow, I never really thought of it that way. I guess I have just always been so “afraid” is would strike again. That actually is really comforting to know that they can support each other and truly the “different” factor goes away. Were they diagnosed at a the same age?

Thanks for the tips! I just tried the Skin Prep as well with the most recent pod we placed. I have been wondering how his skin was going to hold up to the constant adhesive even with rotation of placement. I used Medafix tape this time as well to attempt to hold the pod more secure. So far so good. Thanks again!

My oldest was diagnosed in September 2005 and my youngest was diagnosed March 2006. We were definitely more prepared the second time. Ironically, my youngest thought it was just part of growing up. She was having a difficult time understanding why her big sister was getting shots but she wasn’t. Neither of them remembers life without it.