Site rotation for pump and sensor

Got my first Ping and Dex last week. Am very excited. Am reading through Dex literature now, and plan to start it in a couple of days. My first pump training is end of next week.

So one of the things I’ve been thinking about is site rotation. I developed a great system for my MDI, but that won’t necessarily translate to using a pump and sensor.

I realize everyone has their own systems, but would like to hear yours.

• What routine do you follow for rotating pump and sensor sites?
• Do you always place both on the same side of your body?
• Dex literature says it must be in the abdomen. Do you ever use hips or somewhere else?
• And finally, does anyone know how long you have to wait before you can return to the same site?

Thanks for your help! Much appreciated. :slight_smile:


I’m not a dex user, but as far as the infusion set goes, i rotate between 4 spots. Left and right front and left and right rear (above buttocks).

Mike, should I assume that you notice no difference at all between front and back?

No difference at all. I have used my thighs as well but I found that I would accidently rip it out sometimes.

I use the same sites as Mike. The way I rotate them is, month 1 alternate right front & left back, month 2 alternate left front & right back. So the main areas get a month’s rest & site wise there is a 3 or 4 day gap between use, I obviously move around the stomach & buttocks.

I think site reuse can depend a lot on how much insulin you use, my TDD is about 20 units so low & I think that causes less build up than a large TDD.

Like Mike I don’t have a CGMS.

HI Jan - my system is:

Dexcom rotate every 2 weeks - (the sensors last 2 weeks for me then I change it) All my “gear” - (Dexcom & infusion sets) are basically located in 4 areas of my body. Left and Right abdomen/stomach and Left and Right bum cheeks!

Dexcom - I start on the left abdomen for 2 weeks, then right side. Then right upper bum for two weeks then left side. This gives 6 weeks for any one area to heal. Now for the ping… I never put the infusion set on the same side as the Dexcom. I rotate the infusion set on the 3 other areas…for example…if the Dexcom is on my right side of my abdomen…the infusion sets rotate every 3 days on the left side of the abdomen to the right bum then to the left bum then back to the abdomen. The side that has the Dexcom is free from insulin for 2 weeks…a good amount of time to heal from the infusion sets. Then when the 2 weeks is up for the Dexcom…it moves over to the next location (giving that new side a break from infusion sets) and the infusion sets rotate between the 3 remaining areas.

Hope that makes sense! It works for me…some people think you would sit on gear that is on the bum area…but not true…if you are sitting on a chair…there is bum cheek left above the sit bones which is great for both the Dexcom and infusion sets. Only once in 2 years did I accidentally pull out a infusion set when I was in a hurry.

Good Luck!

Thanks, Annabella. My TDD went up recently, but it’s still considered quite low. I take less than 20 units a day.

I’ve been coached so much on how the abdomen is the best place to inject, but I’ve come across many people – like you and Mike – who use other areas as well. I wonder how much of a difference it really makes…

Wow, Sneetch, this is great. Thanks so much.

You talk about the four sites for your Dexcom, then say, “This gives 6 weeks for any one area to heal.” But during those 6 weeks, you’re actually using the 3 available areas for pump sites. So they’re really not free to heal that whole time. Did I understand you correctly?

But all in all, it sounds like a good system. Think I may try it!

Jan :slight_smile:

Yes - you are right…I was mostly referring to the infusion site locations…its important for those sites to heal up and 2 weeks is usually pretty good. 6 weeks until you rotate back to the dexcom wire. But as you know the dexcom wire is nothing in comparison to the infusion sets and there is no insulin involved…no scar tissue etc.

Sometimes I alternate my infusion set locations between only 2 of the 4 locations so that there is more healing time at the other 2 locations…it works for me…I have not tried putting any of the gear on my legs or arms…my fat is pretty much where I currently put my gear! But I have heard of others doing arms and legs…just seems painful and in the way. Good luck!

I had a trial run with the Dexcom a month or so ago. I rebooted it after 7 days, and got another 7 out of it.

But when I removed it, I had a rash. I’m wondering if I simply left it in for too long…?

I’m the same as you in that my “soft spots” are my hips and bums. That’s why your scheme sounds like it might work for me.

Hi Jan you are going to love the pump very handy…And the dexcom is just wonderful and so easy…I just received my dexcom and I did self training and I learned it easy…nothing much to it…But Im sure that it will help with your a1c…Good Luck!!!


That’s what I’m expecting, Darlene! Thanks for the reply.