Site selection

a) abdomen too scarred, and too active for cannula.
b) top of behind too musclily
c) spot between bicep and tricep on inside rubs against body during bicep curls
d) inner upper thigh looks “mannish” in pants
e) outer upper thigh is bes spot so far, any other thoughts?

Hey Sarah
I just tried the bicep and I had the same problem when running. The adhesive came off and I ended up having to tape the POD down. Which actually worked really well because I felt it wasn’t flopping around. I just ordered IV3000 things to see if this would help. I have heard a lot of people use these or something similar that are really active. I really like wearing it on my arms so I hope it will help the rubbing problem. I wear mine on my lower abdomen and sometimes on the behind but don’t like it back there! I tried it once on my thigh but ended up having to take off early-I guess I rolled over on it one good time while sleeping and it hurt!
Good luck-Betsy

I am very lean and find that the tricep area more to the outside of the arm than the inside (against the ribs) work well for me. I use a skin prep to keep the adhesive attached. I know someone that puts IV3000 on his skin and the pod on top and he swears by it

Sometimes I put it on my side closer to the back than front and that works also.

Hope some of this helps


Yeah I have actually found the top of my breast to be the absolute fool proof place, as it is inside the sports bra, I point it down.

Also, outside of arm has bled, as have several leg sites, I will try the side of the abdomen next.

Are you serious? You are brave girl! brave, brave, brave!

Yeah, Well if you look at my body for a good deposit of fat, boobies win. I would say that accidentally putting into muscle hurts like hell, for three days. I would say, that if they were smaller it would be a different story, but this is the first thing I have been happy about having Ds for.

For some reason I would never think to put the pod…there. I am also a bit gifted in that region, so I guess it’s possible, but I don’t think I can do it!

Sarah - a late posting but… same situation with my abdomen and the site, if using the tummy has to be above or below belt line - I really like the back of my arm - the triceps area. I never thought about the upper, inner thigh looking mannish - there’s a lot I could say (referring to me) but I won’t go there…

I think any outside site would be vulnerable and I haven’t tried my butt yet. I tend to wearout sites before I experiment with new sites - I injected in the abdo for many years and really haven’t worn it out yet. I don’t have much fat anywhere on me and my abdo has held up well.

The only time my tricep area has been a problem is sleeping and I can just wedge a pillow under my arm - elbow area - and that works fine.