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What do you use I find that when I take the pod off the skin is red and stays red. So far if tried cortisone cream. It doesn't itch or hurt any advice

On my skin, it stays red for about 2 or 3 days. I just give it time and continue rotating between spots to allow for plenty of healing time.

Are you just pulling it off? Soak it with adhesive remover or baby oil first, then slowly pull it off. There are also barrier products that you can get to put on your skin first, so that this doesn't happen.

I second this. If my son doesn't feel like waiting for the adhesive remover to soak in, he just pulls it off and his skin is red and irritated. If he uses the remover it just peels right off with no irritation. Only downside is that there is often a sticky residue we have to get off.

OMG, gang, do not remove a pod without some adhesive remover!!!

I use Unisolve, and absolutely love it. Apply liberally to the white pad, wait a few minutes, pod practically falls off itself (and sometimes does :-)). Unisolve smells awful, but actually in very gentle on skin. Clean up the Unisolve residue with some isopropol alc or soap and water, and the only indication there was a pod there is the little bump where the cannula was.

That's 'cause you all are not waiting long enough. At least 3-5 minutes.

I manage this by putting the unisolve on first, then prepare and apply my next pod. By the time I've done all that, the old one is ready to just fall off, and virtually all the adhesive comes with it.

I always remove my pod without any adhesive remover, it`s red for a hour or so, I usually put non scented baby oil and I have no problems.