Sites on Belly?

Hello ladies!

I am 35 weeks along in my first pregnancy, and things have been going well! Basals and ratios have tripled but overall control has worked out better than I could have hoped.

My question is about sites for pumps/CGMs-- my Endo and CDE both said not to place any sites on the belly once there was a firm "bump", which for me was around 12 weeks. Stomach was generally my go to site. Since leg and arm sites have iffy absorption for me, I've pretty much been rotating around my lower back/upper butt/hips for the last few months!

I noticed other T1s in blogs or forums mentioning sites on their stomachs during pregnancy. What were your experiences?

There was definitely no way I could put anything anywhere near my belly during the second half of my pregnancy! I used the "love handle" area for infusion sites and the tops of my thighs for CGM. That seemed to be the best combination of good absorption (infusion sites) and not getting in my way (CGM).

For my last pregnancy, I used the sides of my stomach throughout and had great results. It may also depend on how you are carrying. I'm currently on my second pregnancy, and my bump is wider and I think I'd have a harder time. I now use the Omnipod so I can use my arms and lower back which have really good absorption (for me) and for my CGM I use my upper thigh (which works really well for Dexcom in my experience).

So I've not been pregnant yet, but I love thigh sites! I get good absorption and minimal pain.