Sites that Just Won't Work

My endo assures me that my daughter’s skinny thighs should be a perfect place for an infusion site, but we’ve had more trouble with them. They seem to go bad with annoying frequency. I’m ready to give up and just use the abdomen and butt sites until she gets some more fat on her. Does anyone else stay away from certain typical site locations because they just don’t seem to Have the Right Stuff?

Totally agree. We have been told to go to the thighs over the past year and had no success yet. My child is very muscular and the sites don’t work or go in well . Even the sides of her rear. (wish I had that problem). Now we have a really skinny friend who can use her thighs and arms with great success, she is not as muscular though. Perhaps that’s the issue?
Are you using a angled or straight set?
I would trust yourself. I have to CDE nurses in our practice and they don’t agree on areas or set angles. It’s very personal as is all of diabetes. good luck.

David started pumping with quicksets at age 14 in his thighs. OK initially, but he is very athletic and has very solid thighs. After lots of bleeding sites including a couple gushers and bent cannulas he moved to his abdomen. He eventually changed to the 13mm silhouettes and they worked better for him than the quicksets on his abdomen. I asked MM to send a couple sure T’s recently on hearing a lot of good feedback. They sent the sets, but he is putting off trying them. It seems alot of slim people have had good success with sure T’s, so I am hoping he’ll try them as it appears the short set might work well for thighs or arms. Ask your pump manufacturer to send you some samples of infusion sets that they would recommend for a slim child for thigh or arm sets, excluding what you have already tried.


Have never tried the thighs. Only tush (we go higher up than we were initially told). Using the sils which are angled and told recently to keep using angled as she is very thin. CDE told us we should soon try to rotate, and her suggested area was the thigh. So, once we get the courage to try will let you know. Not looking forward to it…

though we have had several bad sites go bad in our short time of pumping, I have not noticed them going bad more in one area over another. I have noticed that they will ususally go bad at night though-lol.

We use the omnipod, and my son is 6 and barely 40 lbs. We use the back of the arms, the butt, and his thighs. We don’t use the belly, because he’s too thin and tends to get into the muscle. The butt was the last area we tried and still the highest anxiety. But I think it works really well. The thighs work well, but I really have to secure the site, and the absorbtion is a little different.