Six month check-up after roux-en-y gastric bypass - effect on type 2

Yo! I’ve not been too active with this site lately, but thought I would add a comment about my latest and six month checkup after my surgery. I’m at 211, and all test results are in normal range. I had a bit of a Vit D deficiency but that has been rectified with high dosage pills I took for a short time. I feel great, love buying new, normal sized clothes (went from 52 to 42 in pants so far) and having lots of energy. I want to be re-tested for apnea, as I’m sure to be almost apnea-free now that I’ve lost a lot of fat around my neck. We went on a Mediterranean cruise in Sept.-Oct, and only gained one pound - lots of walking and drinking water! Exercise is the key now, so I’m trying to go on longer and more strenuous walks with our golden retriever pup, Gracie. In the program that I am in, we don’t have target weights per se, the emphasis in on the key health nos., bs, bp, chlorestoral(?), vitamin levels, absence of liver, bladder problems, etc. Personally, I’d like to get to 200, still a bit heavy for my modest 5’9" height, but manageable. I eat most things that I want to, but focus mostly on lean proteins, plus high vitamin/fibre vegetables. The supplements I take are no problem at all, even traveling, and I have no worry now about going low when out on excursions, exercising, etc. I’m never below about 4.5 and rarely over 8 even after a tiny bit of something sweet (A1C was 5.65), though my fasting levels are still a bit high - between 6 and 8. I take half doses of my lipitor, lipidil, avapro, and 2 metformin with supper at night. I’m very pleased overall, more than pleased, more like delighted, and so is my wife and daughters. People who haven’t seen me for awhile are amazed. I find talking about it a bit boring and I am enjoying just being relatively normal-sized again. Toughest part: not drinking with a meal. Thanks for being interested in my journey!

Hello Grant: :slight_smile:

All I can say is Excellent!! I’m Glad to hear how Well you are doing. You have been on one scary, exciting journey. Thanks for giving us the info and numbers that you have. It’s mostly Good news and it really hasn’t been that long. Yes indeed, exercise is one of the most important parts of maintaining weight and Diabetes control. LOL! Gracie loves you for it…more walks for her and time with her “Dad”. . It must be awesome for you to feel slimmer and energized.

I can imagine how Happy your Wife and Girls are having a Healthier/Happier Husband and Dad. What a Wonderful Christmas gift for you all. Congratulations and keep up your Good efforts. :slight_smile:

What can I say Grant but Excellent. Thanks for sharing the info and about what has been happening with you during your scary and exciting journey. Your test results are mostly Good and what you want. I do hope that the Apnea has eased off also. Yes indeed, exercise is one of the most important parts of maintaining weight and Diabetes control. LOL! Gracie must be beside herself helping you to exercise with her walks, gives her extra time and Fun with her “Dad”. What a Big change for you to feel slimmer and more energized.

I can also imagine how your being Healthier and Happier makes your Wife and Girls feel. What an Awesome Christmas gift to you all. Congratulations on your Success so far. Keep up your Good Efforts. :slight_smile:

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congrats, Grant!!! U R doing so well!!!

God Bless,Brunetta